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SAM issue 17

Issue 17 is out now and is fresh as a summer morning! We have once again composed an attractive mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Highlight this issue is a short interview with the Swiss ladies from KCBR who prove James Brown right when he said it’s a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman. Damn right! They added trainwriting to the top ten list of things Switzerland is famous for and it looks like they have no intention of stopping until they get enough. One way or another!


Rumour has it that as a kid, Brazilian artist Muretz got kicked out of school because he was always drawing instead of paying attention in class. Now he has his revenge and does what he does best, find out more in issue 17!

Dreyk the Pirate

Ahoy mateys, get ready to board ship in issue 17 and sail the seven seas with Athenean sailor Dreyk the Pirate!


Also in issue 17, we go bird watching with Italian artist Hitnes who combines his love for nature with his painting skills.

SAM issue 16

Sweet sixteen out now! In this issue interviews with Taps & Moses, Danleo, Esther Aarts, Said Kinos, BOB59 aka 4Letters, Dino Voodoo and Telmo Miel. Meet Messy Desk from Hong Kong and Royyaldog from Seoul and enjoy the selection of work from all over the world!

Telmo Miel

The duo looking like viking brothers Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann met eachother at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where Telmo was a talented young illustrator and designer and Miel was decorating walls, practicing the art of graffiti. They eventually started working together and quickly grew to the artistic duo they are today. Yes, we have Telmo Miel in issue 16!


Said Kinos (1988) is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work expresses a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. Communication through language, symbols and (social) media is one of the main sources of inspiration for his work. His work is recognizable through high contrast, often black and white, and the use of distorted typography. Because of this, a certain level of visual overkill is brought to the viewer. In this overkill he finds a metaphor for the amount of information we have to process on a daily basis. Saïd often works from collage, after which his work is translated to paintings, murals and since a short while in three dimensions in the form of wood assemblages. Check it out in issue 16!


Danleo is a London born multi-disciplinary artist based in Ireland. His works span a variety of mediums, from digital illustration to large scale mural work, installation and brushwork on canvas. Dan’s work most often depicts nature and animals in a graphic style that has heavy line work, pattern elements and is bold in colour. For issue 16 it was time for some questions!

Top 99

The people at Bombing Science wanted to get a sense of what was going on with graffiti this summer and what better way to do that than to explore where people were using the #graffiti hashtag around the world. The world is full of artists making their mark in an expanding list of cities. Rather than pick cities at random, they pulled Instagram data over the summer to deliver to you the Top 99 instagrammable cities for graffiti as brought to you by instagrammers from around the world. Read all about it here!

SAM x Hektik

Sometimes a good plan just comes together like that. In this case it was Vents137 who made a SAM shirt for Hektik clothing. All I can say it's a damn fine shirt and you should order one here. Enjoy!

DXTR, the Weird professor

German artist DXTR is always experimenting and taking things to the next level, this professor is now mastering the skill to paint like an eighties 8-bit computer game. How come? Check out his interview in issue 14.

Nuno Viegas

Portuguese born Nuno Viegas currently lives and works in the Netherlands where he paints almost photo realistic canvasses and walls. Graffiti culture is the focal point of his work. The approach to this theme is a continuous tribute to all those who dedicate part of their lives to this culture, in search of moments, for almost nothing, in the heart of a society whose main objective is the quest for money and power. And he's got an interview in issue 14 :)

Rewriters at Pow!Wow!

Rotterdam based organisation Rewriters visited Pow!Wow! on the sunny island of Hawaii, and made a short report of this event in issue 14.

Let's get Ready to Rumbl!

Rotterdam based artist Ready2Rumbl has been a valuable asset to the streets for some time now and has been in almost every issue of SAM now. We won't lie; he's one of our favourite artists out there, always delivering fresh walls and just being an all round cool guy. For issue 13 it was finally time for an interview!

Hey Mambo!

LA based Mambo is known for his free flowing style that somehow always seems to radiate a good dose of sunshine. Check out issue 13 and catch some of those rays :)

Four Letters.

KCBR, just four letters that happen to appear on almost every train in Switzerland and beyond. It's a big crew, and is has an all female department that are taking trainwriting to a whole new level, Hollywood style. We have a short interview with them in issue 17, but just follow them online and be absolutly ffing sure to watch this movie!

Levi Jacobs

In issue 17, Rotterdam based illustrator Levi Jacobs takes you on a mild acid trip to a world full of weird plant and round girls. Let's go!


Hong Kong based writer XEME is on a mission to reclaim the streets and is doing a fine job! For issue 17, Rewriters had a little chat with this guy about stuff like plumbing ads.

Vera Primavera

All the way from Equador, Vera made it to issue 17.

Taps Moses

One of the most prolific artists out there today have to be Taps & Moses. Regognisable by their corporate identity type of graffiti, they introduced a whole new genre in the art scene. Read all about that in issue 16 :)

Dino Voodoo

Influenced by 80’s skateboard art and the work of Jim Philipps and Natas Kaupas, Dinovoodoo is also passionate about classic sci-fi and horror movies. He likes the ambiances that are in the films of John Carpenter, Ridley Scott or James Cameron with their contrast of blue and red. From this cold synthetic universe Dinovoodoo teleports us into an organic world in search of ancient civilizations and duality between utopia and dystopia. His characters are mostly feminine, with long, wide necks.

BOB59 / 4Letters

BOB59 aka 4Letters from the North of France started writing around 1999 as a child of the 90’s French hip-hop movement. At first he painted letters, persuing fame and getting up, but it’s all about expressing stories, as you can read in issue 16.

Esther Aarts

Esther Aarts is a Dutch illustrator working for worldwide clients from her studio in Nijmegen. She is known for her every day people illustrations in strong and dynamic poses with a vintage look. In issue 16 an interview with the woman behind the work!

Issue 15!

Yes, it's here, issue 15! Featuring 80 pages of good stuff including interviews with mr. Super A, Gris1, Greetings Tour, Cloakwork, ParentsParents, Freshco and Iron Monkey, Tim's Choice and as always a nice cartoon by Dave the Chimp. Enough reasons to make this a killer issue again :)

Issue 14!

Time flies when you're having fun! But getting this issue ready for print was quite hectic; some items were finished later then last minute, and there had to be some painting done in the sunshine, but hey, issue 14 is ready and available in our shop, so no biggie. Another reason this issue was hectic, or should I say Hektik (yes, it’s a bad word joke, I know...) is because we teamed up with Vents137 who had a big item in issue 12 and German clothing brand Hektik to make a t-shirt that has already become standard issue uniform here at the office. Ok, this summer won't last forever, order the mag, order the shirt, wait for the mailman and enjoy another fine selection of international good stuff!

Loulou & Tummie

Loulou and Tummie are a creative duo, working together from their Dutch hometown Tilburg since 2004. Their portfolio shows a broad range of projects such as designs for apps, advertising campaigns, books, toys, pluche dolls, murals, character designs for games and patterns for bags. Besides commisioned projects they develop self-initiated projects, characterized with having little or none restrictions that often results in new knowledge, which they can then use in commissioned projects. Although their work may look simple, it’s thought through, no detail is left to coincedence and the use of well balanced colours creates a quieting result. Check out their interview in issue 14!

Say my name; Seenaeme

For most of us, the Korean graffiti, art and illustration scene is still pretty unknown. So were very happy to come across the work of Seenaeme who is currently painting wall after wall after wall in her recognisable style. In issue 14 we have an interview with her, check it out!

Issue 13, bad luck?

Black cats, walking under ladders and other superstition; issue 13 should be loaded with bad luck. It's fresh from printers now and is available in our shop!

Mr. June

Rotterdam based, but probably New York bound artist June has a long history in graffiti and is now in search of the perfect shape and form. He explains all in issue 13.

Sumo & AlëxOne

Sumo and AlëxOne are brothers from another mother and both have a unique style that turns out to work really well together. They recently had a show in the Art is Just a Four Letter Word gallery in Germany, read all about it in issue 13!